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Clear Lake

The Clear lake is an Ice-covered lake with ~33 % ice-free, in the Cape Roys area in Ross Island. The area the lake covers is about 10,929Code: CLLArea: 10,929 Measured Temperature: 2.9


Latitude: -77.542182922363
Longitude: 166.161422729492

Coast Lake

The Coast Lake is a predominantly ice free lake in the Cape Roys area in Ross Island.

Code : COL

Lake Area: 14,813

Temperature: 10.1


Latitude: -77.542266845703
Longitude: 166.150375366211

Commonwealth Glacier

The Commonwealth glacier flows in a southeasterly direction and enters the northern side of Taylor Valley immediately west of Mount Coleman. Named by the British Antarctic Expedition for the Commonwealth of Australia in the early 1900s.  


Latitude: -77.569038391113
Longitude: 163.290832519531

Decomposition Experiment at Hoare_decomp

This study aimed to determine the impact of warming and increased water availability on soil biota and rates of decomposition. It was conducted in Fryxell and Hoare Basins between the austral summers of 1996-1997 and 2004-2005. Cotton strips were inserted into the soil and removed on several occasions to determine rates of decomposition over many years. Soil animals were also extracted and identified.


Latitude: -77.632003784180
Longitude: 162.884994506836