Warm weekly report

Warm Greetings to all of you. I hope your Christmas was festive and you enjoyed the time with family and friends. I arrived a week ago on the 20th. We had a nice but quiet Christmas here in town with a very professionally prepared dinner. Rae had 9 for Christmas at Lake Hoare. To carry on in Mike and Kathy's tradition, here is the current status of all the LTER sub-groups.
504-Anna is out at Lake Hoare camp and continues her glacier work.
505- The limo team, led by Amy, came back into town this week. They are currently running analyses and getting ready to do the lightning limo round the 4th-7th. There were issues with the sediment trap and they are waiting for a part from the States before it can be redeployed-they are shooting to do that sometime around the 8-9th.
506- Krista ran a tracer experiment at Andersen Creek yesterday, but will probably get weathered out of the one planned for today at Priscu Stream. The other two members of the Stream team left Lake Hoare to go back to F6 today.
509- We sampled the length of Commonwealth Stream on Thursday, but were weathered out from an attempt to do the length of Miers Valley streams today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Both the TOC instruments are up and hopefully will be running by the end of the week. Kathy is up to date with the ion analyses. I am presenting the Science talk here in Crary on Wednesday and plan to give a 20 year retrospective on the biogeochemistry of the lakes. Wish me well.
Wormherders- The entire team minus Jeb (he arrives the first week in Jan) is scheduled in town on Weds, the 30th. We are all very much looking forward to their arrival. 
All MCM-LTER souls appear to be productive and happy!
The weather has been unseasonably cold, and today it is cold, windy and in the valleys, snowy. Most flights have been cancelled.
The internet has been extraordinarily slow.
All of us here wish you all a successful and healthy New Year.

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