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LOCATION_CODELocation CodeNominalAbbreviated Location
DATE_TIMEDate/timeDate/timeDate of sample
ALGAE TYPEAlgae TypeNominalType of algae invertebrate is associated with (red, black, green or orange)
REPLICATE #Replicate#Physical quantityReplication number of sample
AREA SAMPLED (cm2)Area sampled cm2Physical quantityArea from which sample was drawn
CHL-A (mg/cm2)Chl a (microg/cm2)Physical quantityConcentration of chlorophyll a pigment
CHL-B (mg/cm2)Chl b (microg/cm2)Physical quantityConcentration of chlorophyll b pigment
CAROTENOIDS (mg/cm2)Carotenoids (microg/cm2)Physical quantityConcentration of carotenoid pigment
PHAEPHYTON (mg/cm2)Phaeophyton (microg/cm2)Physical quantityConcentration of phaeophyton pigment
% NITROGEN% NitrogenPhysical quantityAmount of nitrogen associated with algal mat - Percent
% CARBON% CarbonPhysical quantityAmount of carbon associated with algal mat
% HYDROGEN% HydrogenPhysical quantityAmount of hydrogen associated with algal mat