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LocationNominalName of stream gauge station
DATE_TIMEDate/timeDate/time of sample (McMurdo time)
Li (mg/L)Physical quantitylithium concentration
Li commentsNominalComments pertaining to lithium measurement
Na (mM)Physical quantitysodium concentration
K (mg/L)Physical quantitypotassium concentration
Mg (mg/L)Physical quantitymagnesium concentration
Ca (mg/L)Physical quantitycalcium concentration
F (mg/L)Physical quantityfluorine concentration
Cl (mg/L)Physical quantitychlorine concentration
Br (mg/L)Physical quantitybromine concentration
Br commentsNominalComments pertaining to bromine measurement
SO4 (mg/L)Physical quantitysulfate concentration
Alkalinity (meq/L)Physical quantityalkalinity measured by titration in lab
alk commentsNominalComments pertaining to alkalinity measurement
Si (mg/L)Physical quantitysilicon concentration
Si commentsNominalComments pertaining to silicon measurement
Sample CommentsNominalSample Comments