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LOCATIONStream nameNominalStream location / name of transect in which measurements were made
DATE_TIMEDateDate/timeDate of sample
Replication #NominalReplication number of sample
INCUBATION TEMP (C)Incubation temp (celcius)Physical quantityTemperature at which incubation occurred
Incubation time (hr)Physical quantityNumber of hours spent incubating
PAR (%Full Strength)PAR (%Full Sunlight)Physical quantityPercent of full sunlight under which incubation occurred
PAR (uE/m2/s)PAR (microE/m2/s)Physical quantityPhotosynthetically active radiation
NPP CH OVER TIME(ug C/cm2/hr)NPP Change over TimePhysical quantityChange in net primary production over time
AFDM (mg/cm2)Physical quantityAsh-free dry mass
NPP CH/AFDM (ug C/g AFDM/hr)NPP Change per AFDMPhysical quantityChange in net primary production per gram of ash-free dry mass over time