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Sample LocationSample LocationNominalSample Location
pHpHPhysical quantitypH
DO (uM O2)DO (µM O2)Physical quantityDissolved oxygen (DO) was determined by Winkler titration.
Eh (mV)Eh (mV)Physical quantityConductivity was measured at 1-meter depth intervals in the west lobe of Lake Bonney using a Seabird SBE-25 conductivity temperature depth (CTD) sensor (Sea-Bird Electronics, Inc., Bellevue, Washington).
DIC (uM)DIC (µM)Physical quantityDissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) was measured by infrared gas analysis on acid sparged samples.
SRP (uM)SRP (µM)Physical quantitySoluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) was determined on 10 ml samples with the antimony-molybdate method (Standard Methods, 1992), absorbance was read in a 10 cm cell with a Beckman DU-640 spectrophotometer.
DIN:SRP (uM)DIN:SRPPhysical quantityThe ratio of DIN to SRP. Useful for looking a phosphorus deficiency.
DOC (uM C)DOC (µM C)Physical quantityDissolved organic carbon (DOC) was measured on filtered (25mm Whatman GF/F), acidified (HCl to pH~2-3) samples with a Shimadzu 5000 TOC analyzer.
CHL (ug per L)CHL (µg per L)Physical quantityChlorophyll-a (CHL) was extracted into 90% acetone for 24 h at <0 °C in the dark from particles collected on a Whatman GF/F filter, and the subsequent concentration was determined fluorometrically.
Bacteria (cells per mL)Bacteria (10^4 cells per mL)Physical quantityEnvironmental (in situ) cell abundance as determined on 0.2 μm-filtered samples.