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DATE_TIMECollection DateDate/timeCollection Date
TempTemperaturePhysical quantityTemperature
pHpHPhysical quantitypH as measured with a calibrated Beckman 12 pH meter
DOCDOC (┬ÁM)Physical quantityDissolved organic carbon (DOC) was measured on filtered (25 mm Whatman GF/F) acidified samples with a Shimadzu 5000 TOC analyzer.
DICDIC (mM)Physical quantityDissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) was measured by infrared gas analysis on acid sparged samples.
DODO (mM)Physical quantityDissolved oxygen (DO) was determined by Winkler titration.
Cl-Cl- (mM)Physical quantityCl- concentration
SO42SO4 2- (mM)Physical quantitySO4 2-
SO4:ClSO4:ClPhysical quantityThe ratio of SO4 to Cl