Meteorological Station Locations


As part of the Long Term Ecological Research in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica, meteorological data was collected from various locations throughout Beacon, Taylor, Wright and Victoria Valleys. 

This dataset compiles the locations, inventories and history of the met stations maintained by the McMurdo LTER program.  Actual data should be pulled by each station.

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Measurements summaries, click here.

Interval and sampling rates, click here.

Task Lists, or log of maintenance operations by season, click here.

Meteorologcial station locations were revised during the 2008-2009 season by Hassan Basagic using a Garmin Etrex handheld (accuracy 3m) GPS, recorded in WGS84. All elevations are approximate.

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Metadata enhanced in 2016 by San Gil, using the Drupal Ecological information management system

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A slippy map of mcm lter meteorogical station locations can be found at the following URL:

A list of the maintenance operations sorted by season can be found in this link:

Here is the summary of the measurements made, in PDF format.

Intervals and sampling rates per station and season can be found here, in PDF format.


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