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In 1994, 16 stream transects were established in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica 63 beginning a long term data set characterizing microbial communities and channel geometry. The 64 transects were established to record microbial mat dynamics and stream geomorphology. To accomplish this, the transects were surveyed for points of interest outside and inside the stream channel. Beginning in 2010 the microbial surveys received ground based LiDAR support. This allowed for greater resolution in mapping and analyzing stream morphology than traditional surveying methods. Using surveyed microbial mats as an indicator of a location in time, a history of channel elevations was created for 7 transects.  Here, you will find the massive long term data for the geomorphology of seven of the streams, along with detailed references to the methodology and results and other findings published in Steven Crisp thesis dissertation.

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Monday, November 1, 1993 to Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lastools folder for combining XYZRGB (X(lat) Y(long) Z(Elevation) R(red) G(green) B(blue)) into file that reads into ArcGIS. 

Summary spreadhseet of what scans have occured and when, what we have, and benchmarks associated with each transect. Not csv delimited. 

This is the zipped archive of files corresponding to the Bohner Stream geomorphology.

This is the zip archive containing the data about the Delta stream geomorphology

Bowles Creek geomorphology data stack in a zipped file.

This is the zip archive containing the data about the Canada stream geomorphology

This is the zip archive containing the data about the Huey Creek geomorphology

The Von Guerard stream geomorphology GIS and more data stack in a zipped file

The Green Creek geomorphology GIS and other data stack in a zipped archive

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Crisp, S. 2015. Streams Geo-Morphology. Dataset accessed 23 October 2021.

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