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Title Core areas Locations
Isotope Ratios for Taylor Valley Streams inorganic nutrients
Monthly measurement summaries from Howard Glacier Meteorological Station (HODM), McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica (1993-2022, ongoing) disturbance
Glacier stake locations, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica (1993-2020, ongoing)
Stream Feature Coordinates (1994)
1995 Tracer Experiment Locations
Relict Channel Locations
Tracer Experiment Stream Chemistry inorganic nutrients
Lake Hoare Tracer Test Stream Chemistry
Bacterial Enumeration
Taylor Glacier Blood Falls Geomicrobiology
Tracer Experiment Stream Nutrients during 1995
Taylor Valley Water Budgets, 1991-1997
Relative Positions Within Stream Transects
Stream Gauge Measurements During 1995 Tracer Experiment
Total Nitrogen in Streams inorganic nutrients
Stream Scanned Field Notes
Algal Species, Morphotype Descriptions population dynamics
Stream Invertebrate Taxa Qualitative Abundances population dynamics
Stream Transect Coordinate List (1994)
Stream Transect Locations (1994)
Stream Algae Primary Productivity primary production
Stream Algae Photosynthesis/Light Measurements
Nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in glacial meltwater streams, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica (1993-2020, ongoing) inorganic nutrients
Algal microbial mat biomass measurements from the McMurdo Dry Valleys and Cape Royds, Antarctica (1994-2019, ongoing) primary production
Mean Daily Stream Gage Measurements 1969-1997 disturbance