How Antarctic soil biodiversity informs us about climate change

The polar desert of Antarctica continues to be impacted by climate change. What can we learn about the resilience of mosses, lichens and simple soil food webs to increased temperatures and wetting events? Are these ‘pristine systems’ now vulnerable to invasive species? What are scientists learning about the changing polar terrestrial ecosystems, their biodiversity and ecosystem functions that may apply to temperate soils?

Moderator Byron Adams (Brigham Young University, Utah, USA) and panelists Gemma Collins (Senckenberg Society for Nature Research, Frankfurt am Main, Germany LOEWE Centre for Translation Biodiversity Genomics), Claudia Colesie (University of Edinburgh, UK), Jackie Goordial, (University of Guelph, Canada) and Jasmine Lee (British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge, UK) discuss hidden soil life, (microbes, invertebrates, cryptogams) and the changing terrestrial environment of Antarctica.

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