McMurdo LTER Photo Galleries


We divided our photo galleries according to common themes.  Feel free to browse, please observe the photographer rights.

  •      Scenes from the Dry Valleys

  •        McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER researchers capture the beauty of the valleys.  Visit this gallery to discover the hidden beauty of this polar desert.


  •      Extreme research in action 

           Do you think you got what it takes?  Photos like this one by Amy Chiuchiolo may give you the sense that conducting field work at the Dry Valleys is quite easy.  We suggest you talk to our researchers to get the full picture.  In the photo, Rachel Morgan-Kiss at work with specialized instrumentation.


           Seasonal Streams: The fast movers of life in the Valleys

           During 6 to 14 weeks during the austral summer, glacial meltwater streams recharge with water and nutrients the dry valley lakes, In this photo by Barb Woods, we see an intense tracer experiment lead by Karen Cozetto in progress


  •     Fabulous Glaciers

         Clouds settling in the accumulation zone of the Commonwealth Glacier in this photo by Rebecca Witherow. The Dry Vallyes glaciers provides a long-term    perspective on glacier expansion or shrinkage. 


  •      Some of the Driest Coldest Soils on Earth

           Holly Zedah snapped this photo of the Lake Hoare Long Term Maintenance study site prior to the last season of sampling. These soils have been undisturbed for the last five million years.