Lake Hoare Camp and Canada Glacier
Taylor Glacier roving meteorology station
Small waterfall flowing off Canada Glacier
The Taylor and Rhone Glaciers
The Rhone Glacier
Erin Pettit and Erik B. inserting cliff stakes into Taylor Glacier
Erin Pettit, Lou A. and Erin Whorton preparing tilt sensors at Taylor Glacier
A waterfall flowing off Canada Glacier
The terminus of the Canada Glacier
Waterfall flowing off Canada Glacier
Wind-eroded ventifact in front of the Canada Glacier
Clouds settling in the accumulation zone of the Commonwealth Glacier
Lake Bonney, a panoramic with the Taylor terminus
Panoramic of Lake Hoare, with camps
Panorama of the Canada Glacier
Panorama of the Taylor Valley, in the McMurdo Dry Valleys
A circular morraine
The Blood Falls
The Blood Falls, discharging into the West Lake Bonney
Hughes Glacier
The Taylor Glacier from the air
The Commonwealth Glacier
The Suess Glacier
Breana in front of Howard Glacier