Forum: Climate Change and Environmental History

TitleForum: Climate Change and Environmental History
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsCarey, M, Garone, P, Howkins, A, Endfield, GH, Culver, L, White, S, Johnson, S, Fleming, JR, Garone, P
JournalEnvironmental History
Pagination281 - 364
Date Published04/2014

This Forum explores global climate change, one of this century's most prominent environmental issues. Authors answer two critical questions: (1) How does the study of climate history enrich the field of environmental history more broadly? (2) How can environmental historians contribute to present-day understandings of and responses to global climate change? This introductory essay (and the Forum more generally) contribute to both environmental history research and climate change discussions by grappling with several key issues including the agency of nonhuman nature and environmental determinism, environmental governance, climate as a cultural construction, the history of environmental ideas and discourse, environmental narratives, the commodification of nature, and the politicization of the natural and life sciences. This essay also shows how the study of climate history provides methodological and practical tools for environmental historians. It analyzes the role of interdisciplinary sources and archives, scale, the place of science in environmental history scholarship, and the relevance of environmental histories for present-day policymaking and public discussions about climate change.

Short TitleEnvironmental History