Lake Fryxell


The Lake Fryxell basin is formed by a moraine depression in a wider portion of the Taylor Valley. It has a number of moraine islands and shallower areas, as well as several relatively well developed deltas. The lake is fed by at least 10 meltwater streams with a total drainage catchment of 230 km2. The lake is dammed to the southwest by the Canada Glacier and is topographically closed. It is perennially ice covered; during summer months, an ice-free moat generally forms around much of the lake margin. Lake levels have risen ~2 m between 1971 and 1996. There are no surface outflows; the only known water loss is through ice ablation (evaporation, sublimation and physical scouring). Valley: Taylor Distance to Sea : 9 Maximum Length (km): 5.8 Maximum Width (km): 2.1 Maximum Depth (m): 20 Surface Area (km^2): 7.08 Ice Thickness Average Surface (m): 3.3 - 4.5 Volume (m^3 * 10^6): 25.2




Latitude: -77.610755920410
Longitude: 163.159255981445