Taylor Valley


This is the Taylor Valley, a subjectively approximated contour by San Gil. We use this to denote the geographical extent of studies that encompass the whole Taylor Valley.

According to Wiki contributors, the Taylor Valley is the southernmost of the three large Dry Valleys in the Transantarctic MountainsVictoria Land, located west of McMurdo Sound. The valley extends from Taylor Glacier in the west to McMurdo Sound at Explorers Cove at the northwest head of New Harbour in the east and is about 29 kilometres (18 mi) long. It was once occupied by the receding Taylor Glacier, from which it derives its name. Taylor Valley contains Lake Bonney in the west (inward), and Lake Fryxell in the east (coastward), and Lake HoareLake Chad, Mummy Pond and Parera Pond close together between the two. Further east of Lake Bonney is Pearse Valley. Taylor Valley is separated from Wright Valley in the north by Asgard Range, and from Ferrar Glacier in the south by Kukri Hills.



Latitude: -77.670323633034
Longitude: 162.699072084430