West Lake Bonney


Lake Bonney is a saline lake with permanent ice cover at the western end of Taylor Valley in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Victoria Land, Antarctica. It is 7 kilometres or 4.3 mi long and up to 900 metres or 3,000 ft wide. A narrow channel only 50 metres or 160 ft wide. Lake Bonney at Narrows separates the lake into East Lake Bonney 3.32 square kilometres or 1.28 sq mi and West Lake Bonney, 0.99 square kilometres or 0.38 sq mi. Valley: Taylor Distance to Sea : 28 Maximum Length (km): 2.6 Maximum Width (km): 0.9 Maximum Depth (m): 40 Surface Area (km^2): 0.99 Ice Thickness Average Surface (m): 2.8-4.5 Volume (m^3 * 10^6): 10.1




Latitude: -77.720191955566
Longitude: 162.305068969727