Environmental Stewardship Journal Paper List

Paper Title Download link Size
Eos Transactions American Geophysical Union (TON). J. Levy. 2013. One page. Download 716.92 KB
Continent-wide risk assessment for the establishment of nonindigenous species in Antarctica. Chown, 2012 PNAS. Download 436.02 KB
A method for assessing the physical recovery of Antarctic desert pavements following human-induced disturbances. O'Neill. 2012. J.Env.Mgmnt Download 3.94 MB
Long-term ecosystem networks to record change: an international imperative. D. Wall. 2011. Ant. Sci. Download 30.05 KB
Challenges to the Future Conservation of the Antarctic. Chown. 2012. Science. Download 615.64 KB
Environmental management of a scientific field camp in Maritime Antarctica. Pertierra. 2013 Ant. Sci. Download 308.61 KB
Effects of Human Trampling on Populations of Soil Fauna in the McM DV, Antarctica. Ayres et al. 2008. Conserv. Biol. Download 371.74 KB
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in fuel-oil contaminated soils, Antarctica. Aislabie et al., 1999. Chemosphere Download 349.02 KB
Hydrocarbon Spills on Antarctic Soils: Effects and Management. Aislabie et al., 2004, Env. Sci. & Tech Download 327.21 KB
Environmental contamination in Antarctic ecosystems. Bargagli, 2008, Sci. of the Total Env. Download 1003.23 KB
Functional ecology of an Antarctic Dry Valley. Chan et al., 2013, PNAS Download 1.16 MB
Science and Environmental Management in the McMurdo DV.. Harris, 1998, Ecosystem Dynamics in a Polar Desert Download 374.58 KB
Potential impacts of Antarctic bioprospecting and associated commercial activities upon Antarctic science and scientists. Hughes and Bridge, 2010, Ethics in Sci & Env. Pol. Download 90.72 KB
SPME-GCMS study of the natural attenuation of aviation diesel spilled on the perennial ice cover of Lake Fryxell. Jaraula et al., 2008, Sci. of the Total Env. Download 852.23 KB
Composition and Biodegradation of a Synthetic Oil Spilled on the Perennial Ice Cover of Lake Fryxell. Jaraula et al., 2009, Env. Sci. & Tech Download 1.32 MB
Effects of Research Diving on a Stratified Antarctic Lake. Kepner et al., 2000, Wat. Res. Download 259 KB
Fuel movement along grain boundaries in ice. Jepsen et al., 2006, Cold Reg. Sci. & Tech Download 498.84 KB
Sediment Melt-Migration Dynamics in Perennial Antarctic Lake Ice. Jepsen et al., 2010, Arctic, Antarc., & Alp Res Download 2.35 MB
Bioprospecting and Governance Regimes in Polar Regions. Leary, 2007, PIS Download 114.31 KB
A method for assessing the physical recovery of Antarctic desert pavements following human-induced disturbances. O'Neill et al., 2012, J. Env Mgmnt Download 3.94 MB
The short-term effects of surface soil disturbance on soil bacterial community structure at an experimental site near Scott Base. O'Neill et al., 2013, Pol. Bio Download 549.31 KB
Ross Island Recreational Walking Tracks Download 2.42 MB
Visual recovery of desert pavement surfaces following impacts from vehicle and foot traffic. O'Neill et al., 2013, Ant. Sci. Download 587.86 KB
Detection, expression and quantitation of the biodegradative genes in Antarctic microorganisms using PCR. Panicker et al,. 2010, Antonie van Leeuwenhock Download 340 KB
Metal contamination of soils at Scott Base, Antarctica. Sheppard et al., 2000, Appl. Geochem. Download 822.43 KB
The behaviour of residual contaminants at a former station site, Antarctica. Webster et al. 2002. Envion Poll. Download 765.16 KB