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Monthly measurement summaries from Mount Fleming Meteorological Station (FLMM), McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica (2011-2022, ongoing)


As part of the McMurdo Dry Valleys Long Term Ecological Research program, meteorological data are collected from various locations throughout the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica. This data package contains monthly measurement summaries derived from 15-minute data generated by the Mount Fleming Meteorological Station (FLMM), located at the head of Wright Valley.

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The Mt. Fleming meteorological station was added to the McMurdo Dry Valley network in the 1995-1996 field season. It was established on the shore of Mt. Fleming in Victoria Valley, one of the largest lakes in the dry valleys, recently discovered to have a 19 m ice cover over a hypersaline brine of undetermined depth. The station was set up to sample sensors every 30 seconds and send summary statistics (for example, averages and maximums) to solid-state storage modules every 15 minutes. This has resulted in approximately 20 values being recorded for final storage in every output interval.

Sampling and Averaging Intervals For Sampling frequency and Data Logger output and averaging intervals please visit:

Details from Task List For File FLMM_201112_SM001.DAT (01/08/2011 11:00 to 12/14/2011 15:15). Program Name: flm201011v1.dld

  1. Sampling every 30 seconds. Cr10X 1 minutes and 12 secs behind. Adjusted time at 12/14/2011 1442.
  2. Swapped wind monitor, RH head, CR10X and pressure.
  3. Installed FGR-115RC radio, wavelink PRO890-12-40F02N4 12 dbi antenna, Crydom solid-state relay DC60S3 and SC32B. Antenna pointed at Lake Vanda. No connection
  4. Loaded new program, FLMM_201112v1.dld at 12/14/2011 @ 1515.

For second file (FLMM_201112_SM002-003.DAT:

  1. Cr10X 2 minutes and 10 secs behind. Adjusted time at 01/26/2011 1420.
  2. Swapped out pressure with old sensor. Was not sure new one was working, which it was. Need to replace again next season.
  3. Loaded new program, FLMM_201112_v2.dld at 12/14/2011 @ 1515. Corrected mistaking in radio timing. Moved wire from C8 to C7, wrong location for turning the SwCtrl12V. Rotated radio antenna 10 degrees CW. Still no success connecting with the hub at Vanda
  4. Second air temp is still not working. Need to check program.


1995-1996 - 1999-2000: Campbell Scientific 207 temp/rh probe. 1999-2000 - present: Campbell Scientific 107 temp probe.  


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Meteorological data are collected year-round at each of MCM LTER stations. Data are manually downloaded from the meteorological stations during the austral summer. Raw 15 minute data (Level 0) is processed and provided as Level 1 data on the MCM LTER website. Field notes, sensor information, processing procedures, QA/QC, and metadata is provided in the Meteorological Post Processing Documentation and Task Lists for each field season at the following address:


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