Soil Long Term Manipulation Experiment - Algae Addition


A long-term soil manipulation experiment has been conducted as part of the McMurdo Dry Valleys Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) project. The response of soil organisms (nematodes, rotifers and tardigrades) to the treatments is monitored by sampling soil on an annual basis.

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This file contains archived data pulled from Nemadisk and the field season directories by Jeb Barrett. 
The data page contains the raw data for nematode abundance in # of animals per kg oven dry weight equivalent. 
The time-zero samples were taken on 26 December 1994 at the algae experiment on the South side of Lake Hoare. The only organisms that were found in these samples, were nematodes (Scottnema). [EPB, 8 April 1997]

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 About the table columns - most headers represent counts of organisms.  The FIRST letter represents the species, and the following letters represent the life stage/sex/sum type.  The nermatode  species codes are:
      S: Scottnema lindsayae 
      E: Eudorylaimus spp. 
      P: Plectus spp.  
      For example, in the attribute table,  "SML" has the description "The total number of living male (species) adult nematodes extracted  from the soil sample in number of organisms per kg soil oven dry weight equivalent. In this case, a column name  called "SML" would be  "The total number of living male Scottnema lindsayae adult nematodes..."
Preserved samples are stored in the NREL Preserved Nematode Collection in room 226, College of Natural Resources, Colorado State University. Original data are stored in Room A208, Natural and Environmental Sciences Building, Colorado State University.


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