Basic GIS Map Layers - up to 2007


Basic Layers from the MCM-LTER spatial data holdings have been exported and symbolized, and they are available for download here. Most of these layers date from Oct-2007 or earlier, please see the Polar GeoSpatial Center for more updated base and specialized layers.

The spatial GIS layers contained in this ZIP file were exported from the 2006 MCM-LTER Spatial Database (now deprecated) in the ESRI Shape File format. For your convenience, Layer Files (.lyr),  which are already symbolized, are also included. The spatial layers contained in the MCM-LTER Spatial Database are accurate (depending on the date the shapefiles in this ZIP file were last exported, they may be out of date). 

List of layers:
Camp locations.lyr
glacier stake locations.lyr
lakes and ponds.lyr
maximum extent.lyr
met station locations.lyr
stream gauge locations.lyr
streams - monitored.lyr
streams - not monitored.lyr
topo 50m.lyr

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Basic GIS layers

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With the newer versions of the ESRI products, the described workflow may have changed somewhat.
1) Extract the ZIP file into a directory on your hard drive
2) Open ESRI's ArcMap version 9.X or higher
3) Add the layer files in the root directory (files with the .lyr extension). These layers are already symbolized.  Alternatively, you can navigate through the subdirectories and add the .shp files to your map.


Most layers in this ZIP file are from the 1977 USGS Quads. These layers were originally created by Mike Prentice's team at UNH as part of the VALMAP project. In 2007, the layers were cleaned up and properly attributed by Chris Gardner (MCM-LTER Information M
anager). They were then added to the MCM-LTER Spatial database, exported, symbolized and added to this ZIP file. Other layers such as glacier stake locations, met station l ocations, camp locations, etc. were created by Chris Gardner.
Ancillary data and notes entered into DEIMS and standardized in 2015 by Inigo San Gil


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