GIS Raster Layers


Basic raster layers from the MCM-LTER spatial data holdings have been exported and symbolized. The dataset files offered here include:

  • 30m DEM made from USGS Topo map
  • SPOT Satellite Image 39-558
  • LANDSAT 7 Satellite Image

Note - the SPOT and LANDSAT layers are not MCM-LTER data products.  These resources were updated last in 2007, for more up-to-date layers, and potentially, higher resolution layers, please visit the Polar Geospatial Center and other affine geospatial data clearinghouses. 

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Your version of ESRI may differ somewhat, you may have to adapt the workflow described below.
1) Extract the ZIP file into a directory on your hard drive
2) Open ESRI's ArcMap version 9.X or higher
3) Add the layer files in the root directory (files with the .lyr extension). These layers are already symbolized.  Alternatively, you can navigate through the subdirectories and add the .shp files to your map.


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