Soil Long Term Manipulation Experiment - Soil Temperatures Hourly


A long-term soil manipulation experiment has been conducted as part of the McMurdo Dry Valleys Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) project. This table contains hourly soil temperature measurements associated with the long-term manipulation experiment on the south side of Lake Hoare, Taylor Valley, Antarctica.

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To increase soil temperature, an open-top ITEX cone chamber (0.44m2 footprint) was placed over the plot. Chamber was made of 1-mm thick Sun-Lite HP fiberglass (Solar Components Corp., Manchester, NH, USA). Temperature probes were placed at 3 depths: surface, 5 cm, and 10 cm both inside (“Chamber”) and outside (“Open”) the chamber. Temperatures were calculated from voltages collected by a Campbell CR10 data logger. Data were downloaded in January of each year.


This file contains archived data pulled from nemadisk and off of the field season directories by Jeb Barrett and Becky Ball. Michelle to edit here to write the log of changes.

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Data contained in these files has been subjected to quality control standards imposed by the investigator. The user of this data should be aware that, while efforts have been taken to ensure that these data are of the highest quality, there is no guarantee of perfection for the data contained herein and the possibility of errors exists. If you encounter questionable data, please contact the MCM LTER data manager corrected or qualified. Thus, these data may be modified and future data will be appended. “Open” refers to temperatures recorded outside the ITEX chamber (measured at 3 depths). “Chamber” refers to temperatures recorded inside the ITEX chamber (measured at 3 depths).


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