Biota Found in Soil Biota Distribution Experiment


  Investigation of the variation in soil biota and soil properties across the McMurdo Dry Valleys was part of the McMurdo Dry Valleys Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) project.  The number of soil organisms (nematodes, rotifers and tardigrades), divided by species, sex and maturity was monitored at sampling sites throughout the region in order to accomplish this.
The study began in the austral summer of 1993/1994. Samples were taken on:
    * December 31, 1993
    * January 3, 8, 10 and 13, 1994,
    * December 12 and 22, 1994,
    * January 6 and 9, 1995,
    * November 27, 1995,
    * December 5, 7 and 10, 1995, and
    * January 12, 1998. 

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This file was created by Mark St. John at Colorado State University in Oct-1998, using raw data from the Excel workbooks '9312gswo.raw', '9412gswo.raw', '9511gswo.raw', and '9801gswo.raw'. The file format was suggested by the LTER data manager, to conform with the relational database structure. On 30-Oct-1998, the file was submitted to Denise Steigerwald, the MCM LTER data manager, located at INSTAAR, University of Colorado.
Upon arrival at INSTAAR, the data manager combined the 4 data files, removed columns for latitude and longitude, and updated the location names to match those provided in the "soil measurement locations" file (from which latitude and longitude can be found). The resulting file was reformatted to present in ascii, comma delimited text and MS-DOS text (table layout) on the MCM LTER web site. Both of these files are linked to this web page above.
 On 28-Oct-1998, Andy Parsons discovered an error in the documentation of the storage temperature used for the soil samples collected. He informed the data manager of this error, resulting in an update from -8C to +5C in the methods portion of the page above.
 On 10-Nov-1998 Denise Steigerwald discovered a typo in the date shown for Cape Royds records represented in the 9312gswo file. Information colleced on 31-Dec-1993 showed a date of 31-Dec-1994. Denise revised these records in the Access database as well as the comma delimited text and MS-DOS text files on the web. 


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