Stream Feature Coordinates (1994)


As part of the Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) project in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica, a systematic sampling program has been undertaken to monitor glacial meltwater stream attributes of the region. Optical topographic surveys were performed to produce a layout of the area studied. This file provides the northing, easting, and orthogonal height information for the gage boxes, flumes and rebars set up for Andersen, House, Canada, Delta and Green Creek. NOTE: These points were omitted from the plot files for the individual sites ( found in the Stream Transect Coordinate List file), since in most cases they fall outside the map area.

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 Transects were established on Taylor Valley streams during January, 1994. Gage features were positioned at transect sites 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9. Three feature types were observed as follows:  gage box = top center of the surface of the square roof of the wooden shelter housing the gage recording equipment. The "center" was not measured exactly, but an X mark was scratched into the surface of the wood at the point held. gage flume = position of the flume, measured near but not directly at the center of the flume. The reference point is the top  surface of the upper right bolthead of the four bolts securing crossbraces to the top of the flume sidewalls. gage rebar = top of an existing rebar stake, situated midstream, serving as a reference for water measurements at a site without a flume.  By performing an optical topographic survey, the northing, easting,and orthogonal heights were documented for these gage features at Andersen, House, Canada, Delta and Green Creek. 


 Data was collected and organized by Gordon Shupe. It was sent to Diane  McKnight and Denise Steigerwald to include in the McMurdo Dry Valley stream database. The data was initially entered into the Microsoft Access relational database. Ascii, comma delimited and MS-DOS text files were exported from Access to generate the 'featrutm.dat' and 'featrutm.txt' data files used on the web page. In spring and summer of 2000, dataset code, location code (strmtrnsid), and stream name fields were added. T

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Datum (3D) is ITRF-91. Grid coordinates are UTM Zone -58. Heights are modelled orthometric, OSU91A Geoid.


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