Piezometric Depths for Taylor Valley Lakes



During the 95/96 Austral summer, the depth of the Lake Hoare and Lake Fryxell was measured at several points and dates using a piezometer. Lake Joyce and the West Lake Bonney's depth were also measured using this instrument at one location.

Date Range: 

January 1, 1995 to December 31, 1996
Data Citation
Doran, P.T. 2014. McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER: Piezometric Depths for Taylor Valley Lakes. Environmental Data Initiative. DOI: 10.6073/pasta/9bd8f95447a6973ac7b2ee46882a66b3. Dataset accessed 31 October 2020.

Variables (click to expand): 

  • Label:
  • Definition: Name of lake where measurement was made
  • Type: Code list
  • Codes:
    • Lake Hoare = Lake Hoare
    • Lake Fryxell = Lake Fryxell
    • West Lake Bonney = West Lake Bonney
    • Lake Joyce = Lake Joyce
  • Missing values: None specified
  • Label:
  • Definition: Location in the lake where measurement was made
  • Type: Nominal
  • Missing values: None specified
  • Label: Date
  • Definition: Date on which sample was gathered
  • Type: Date/time
  • Date format: mm/dd/yyyy
  • Missing values: None specified
Piezometric Depth (m)
  • Label:
  • Definition: Depth
  • Type: Physical quantity
  • Unit: meter
  • Maximum: Not specified
  • Minimum: Not specified
  • Precision: 1
  • Missing values: None specified
File Name
  • Label:
  • Definition: Name of file in which data was submitted
  • Type: Nominal
  • Missing values: None specified


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