McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER News

MCM Team members currently in the field are taking part in a live webcast on March 12, 2008. Click above to register.

Climate Change and hydrology in the Dry Valleys.

Antarctica shelters abundant microbial life in water miles below the icy surface
The future Internet home of The Lost Seal outreach project is now available. Here you can learn more and view original artwork based on the story created by children in the U.S., U.K., New Zealand, and Australia.

The ice doctor tweets

Just Added - If you're using a high speed Internet connection, check out the new Taylor Valley 3D Fly Through(17 MB file)

Many MCM members are currently in the field for the IPY. Read about life and research in Antarctica.

Just added - New Stream Chemistry query tool - search the database by date and stream name for major ions, nutrients, DOC, and DIN.
Ann Curry from NBC's today shows is reporting live from Antarctica and the McMurdo Dry Valleys as part of 'Ends of the Earth.'
The online home of The Lost Seal, the second in the LTER children's book series, is now available. View kids' artwork and comments from all over the world!
View the ad featured in United Airline's Hemispheres magazine and the Denver International Airport
Dr. Diana Wall named University Distinguished Professor
The Antarctic Sun, published during the austral summer for the USAP, features the collaborative effort of MCM LTER scientists as the lead story in this week's issue.
Diane McKnight's "The Lost Seal" children's book was featured on Denver's CBS Channel 4.
Just added - Explore the new photo database of images from the Dry Valleys, Antarcica. (Still under development, but functional!)
The capabilities of the web interface for searching and browsing MCM publications has been improved and updated!
Just added - search the database for dynamically calculated daily stream statistics - mean, standard deviation, max, min, n.
Read about the PM of New Zealand and NSF director's visit to the MCM field site last season (page 8).